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Voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson discusses death threats, sexism, anti-family messaging of "The Little Mermaid"

Credit: Disney

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  1. Disney has always tried hard to please whatever the idea of an ideal heroine is–at the moment. However, perceptions keep changing, feminists keep altering their views, and soon, princesses who were once ideal are now considered bad and so non-politically correct. I feel it important not to judge past films–& historical figures, as well–by today’s standards. There are universal, timeless truths, but they are elusive to most people who go only by what mortal, fickle mankind says AT THE MOMENT. I call this the “myth of the now”, that suddenly, because it is 2019, or whatever the year happens to me, that NOW we have gotten everything right, and we were just so naive in the past. It’s like when we see our hairstyles in photos from decades past, and laugh at ourselves. But whose to say in another decade ago, we won’t be looking at photos of ourselves in 2019 and thinking, “We had it so WRONG back then!”? And the outrage culture has really gotten bad when people get death threats for being in disagreement with current mores, or even worse, having done something IN THE PAST that’s now disagreed with, like holding people responsible for years-old tweets. What I would like to pass on to anyone reading this is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Not just old standards, but the new morality as well. How come things that were okay for millennnia, such as “boys being boys” or cultures benefiting from one another by appropriating from each other are suddenly now wrong and evil? Don’t just blindly accept what you are told by the PC elite. Question it.

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