Comments for FastPass warning! Walt Disney World to cancel certain FastPass+ reservations to combat abuse

FastPass+ entrance at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Kathleen

    So this could potentially open up some reservations from some resorts that are apparently all booked up!

  2. Kurt Schmidt

    We definitely hope so. It would certainly be a welcomed change.


    Does it impacts reservations at Disney Springs hotels that have 60 day fast pass privileges, but are not Disney properties?

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      As I understand it, yes. It will impact any hotel that falls under the 60 day FastPass privilege like the Swan and Dolphin and the Disney Springs properties.

  4. Suzi Moran

    I think if someone cancels their resort reservation, then all associated reservations should be cancelled automatically and they should be made to “start over” for both FP+ and dining in a timeframe normally associated with non-resort guests.

  5. Jenna Nicole

    I’m glad to see this. Now, if only Disney would truly limit AP, event and limited merchandise to 1 per person per day, and enforce it by linking it to the account holders.

  6. Mike

    It’s about time! I go to Disney every year and have been finding it difficult to obtain Fastpasses. Hopefully this will make it easier to get them for people who aren’t trying to beat the system. Good for you Disney!!!

  7. Amy Gallagher

    I think this is great! Now maybe I can actually get the reservations I want!!! ? also I think Disney world does need to do the same as land in regards to the annual pass holders buying and reselling I know of someone and her prices are a bit much

  8. Marjorie

    Seems logical. Not sure why canceling hotel reservations doesn’t automatically cancel everything associated w/it!

  9. Blake

    I’m very happy of see this happen! It’s a shame that people take advantage of things. Good for Disney on cracking down.

  10. Catherine Morrissey

    Yes, it absolutely can and I for one hope that it does.

  11. Tanya

    We have been going to Walt Disney World for over 45 years. I would never have thought about doing something like that in order to benefit…wow!

  12. Fran

    I am glad to see this. I think dinner reservations need to be looked at also. People make resort reservations for two weeks, make dinner reservations for the second week and then cancel their first week room reservations. We’ve always had difficulty making reservations at the 180 day mark.

  13. Joe

    I always thought you lost your resort deposit canceling that late. I guess it’s worth the trouble for some people to do this.

    They need to work on ADR abuse now.

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