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  1. A lot of these were before my time, although I do have a strange faux memory of having personally seen the House of Tomorrow even though it was removed well before I started attending the park (I suspect it was just still so prevalent in the marketing that I think I saw it in place when I never actually did.) I do miss the Peoplemover terribly, because not only was it a nice way to see the park, it was a GREAT opportunity to sit down in the shade on a hot busy day, and something like it is something the park now sorely lacks.

    I also miss Adventures into Inner Space (even though it legit terrified me as a child), Mission to Mars (I think I might have caught the end of the Moon version but for most of my childhood it was Mars.), and of course 20,000 Leagues. Sorry, Disney, but Nemo just isn’t anything like as good.

    That wretched CircleVision made me horrendously motion sick, though. Something about the disconnect between not actually moving/having to crane my neck up to look at the screens, and the slightly uneven/subtly shaky film… urgh. I don’t even think the teacups made me as sick as CircleVision. And you couldn’t even sit down!

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