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Bo Peep PETA


  1. frostysnowman

    Dear PETA – shut up, please, you’re ridiculous. Don’t you have something else more important to worry about, like throwing paint on someone’s fur coat?

  2. Mike

    Give me a break pita ! Great read!

  3. Terry

    Should read what the crook is used for on Wikipedia. It is used to rescue fallen sheep, clearing brush and retrieving them and fending off prey. It is for the protection of the animals, not harm. I think a strong, courageous, and compassionate woman would utilize such a tool to protect the vulnerable in her care.

  4. Vermell R Holmes


  5. Kim L Todd

    it’s as CARTOON, imaginary, fake, made up. Leave it alone!

  6. V

    Sure let’s take away jesse’s lasso, and woodies boots since they had to do with horses, while we aren’t at it, take away the piggy bank because it’s saying pigs are money, slinky says animal abuse is ok since he is a stretched out wiener dog. Oh and the army men that have guns, guns kill animals too. The trex has to go because it ate animals.

    Then you can have a movie with a bunch of gray neutral toys and a space man with aliens. I’m sure that’ll be a great movie.

  7. Deborah McClure

    Very good point, Terry.

  8. I’m not sure what’s dumber: that PETA’s taking offence to this or that you’re taking them seriously on this.

  9. Andrea

    If PETA actually believes that one of the biggest profit making companies in the world is going to listen to their nonsense, then they’re hugging way too many trees. Give me a break PETA!

  10. Carter

    A shepherd’s crook is a tool used to help them do their job. It is not used for hurting the animals. As a good shepherd would never do this. I am tired of social justice warriors getting lit over the stupidest things and now peta gets free advertising for being morons. If Disney caves and removes the shepherd’s crook. That would be a reason for me not to see story 4. Although i’m sure it will still make a billion dollars.

  11. Allen

    PETA needs to stick to whatever they do and leave the movie making to the professionals! Let’s not over think everything!

  12. Cathy

    Stand down PETA. While I like her new look, take out Bo Peeps crook, and she just looks like Elsa with a hair bow. The crook is her signature piece. Leave it alone.

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