Comments for Internet obsesses over gross “Avengers: Endgame” fan theory involving Ant-Man

Marvel's Avengers Infinity War

Credit: Disney/Marvel


  1. Dwayne Berry

    In the Chinese poster, the Avengers “A” is above water, crested waves. Hiroyuki Sanada was signed to appear in this movie and a lot of people are speculating that he could be Namor, The Submariner who is about the most popular Marvel character not to appear in a Marvel comic book based film. I hope that’s the case. The Submariner kicks butt when he’s pissed off.

  2. Gary Comontofski

    I have an idea seeing that pictures have been released showing the Avengers in New York. They go back with Captain Marvel to replace the stone in the tesseract. See the tesseract doesn’t play into the timeline after the events of New York; as a result, one could replace it and it wouldn’t change the timeline. The other stones have an impact on the current timeline. One would be unable to get rid of one without having consequences on the current timeline. The tesseract was used by Thor to transport Loki back to Asgard. So it might make sense that Captain Marvel transported them there instead of using the tesseract. Once she did this she could interact with herself and tell herself to not interfer with the current timeline. This might explain the reason why we don’t see Captain Marvel coming back to earth. If they could time travel one could simply go to the point where Thanos snaps his fingers. This would be dangerous because it could still happen with deifferent results. So one would have to figure out the best way to time travel and not change the current timeline. Going back and doing something with the tesseract would make sense seeing that Captain Marvel has its power. This course of action would make sense concerning the timeline.

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