“World Of Dreams” tour includes access to Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World

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world of dreams

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Did you know Walt Disney World offers the “World Of Dreams” tour, which is the ultimate VIP tour providing guests with exclusive access to Cinderella Castle Suite plus pretty much everything else anyone could want to see around the Walt Disney World Resort.

For $12,000, you and a maximum of six guests can tour just about anywhere on the Walt Disney World property for any length of time, up to 12 hours. Additional days of the tour can be added at the reduced price of $10,000 each.

As part of the tour, guests will get the following perks:

  • Bypassing of lines for all attractions
  • Transportation and access to backstage
  • Animal tours and programs
  • Access and tour of Cinderella Castle Suite
  • Any and all experiences available in all four Walt Disney World theme parks
  • Three meals included during the course of the tour
  • Full access to all Walt Disney World restaurants with no advanced dining reservations required
  • Reserved seating and viewing at shows and nighttime spectaculars
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World parks are some of the most magical places in the world, and with their rich history of beloved attractions, show-stopping parades, and larger-than-life shows, who wouldn’t want special behind-the-scenes access to this remarkable land? And now, with this VIP tour, the possibilities of discovery are almost endless.

For groups that want to tour the Magic Kingdom, the option to see the inside of the Cinderella Castle Suite is available. In the past, this area has been under restricted access. But as part of this new tour, the area will be making its royal reappearance once again.

Inside Cinderella Castle Suite
Credit: Disney

As you can imagine, this is only a small portion of the opportunities this tour can offer its guests as this is almost an entirely free-range experience, making the possibilities just about endless.

Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom Park
Credit: Disney

The “World of Dreams” tour is not yet listed on the official website for Walt Disney World, but we confirmed you can get information and book it by calling 407-560-4033.

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