Comments for Disney Sued by Woman Who Says She Was Hit by a Scooter at EPCOT

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Credit: Sean Sposato/ITM Reporter


  1. A Nony Mouse

    Speaking as some one who has to use a mobility device, People ALWAYS step out in front of them. People NEVER look. (Yes I Know some of you look and for that I’m grateful, but in my experience your are the minority.)

  2. Most people that use an E-Scooter at the park should probably not drive a car as well. I saw so many people ramming into walls and decoration in shops, because they overestimate their ability to maneuver indoors. Fortunately only saw one incident where someone drove over a childs hand, but Disney certainly needs to enforce some rules in tight spots such as shops.

  3. Penny Walters

    My husband uses an ECV at WDW and is constantly stopping because people just walk out right in front of him like he isn’t even there. People who can walk the parks want ECV/Scooter users to be courteous of them but they don’t want to return the favor. And suing Disney for something another guest did to them is ridiculous

  4. Margaret Lunt

    I own and use my own mobility scooter. People love to bash those of us on scooters, but they also put us in danger when they step out in front of us and expect us to stop. We stop, but depending on the scooter how quickly it stops. We are all guilty of not watching where we are going at times, but we need to try harder to be aware of those around us. Don’t be quick to blame others, be aware what you are doing and who is around you and we will all do better.

  5. Katherine Wright

    With the crowds being as they are at Disney World, I have seen incidents happen in which people walk out in front of the scooters and stop, expecting them to stop suddenly. The scooters have to come to a sudden halt due to crowd levels, and people walk into them, because they are looking at everything else… I mean come on, you’re at Disney… lol. Then there’s the whole people with the children’s stroller situation…

    My thoughts on this case though… if this lady was “ran over” by an electric scooter at Disney, and the injury was severe enough that she requires a pin in her hip and a possible hip replacement… there should definitely be record of this at Disney. They would have this on camera, there would have been CM’s involved, because I’m pretty sure she would have needed medical assistance. This should be easily proved or disproved and resolved.

  6. I have an issue when people in scooters allow young children to ride on their laps, and “drive” these scooters – this needs to be addressed, as there was an incident at the bus stop when a child was sitting on the lap of the adult, started the scooter, and drove it into the middle of the road where the buses pick up guests. Lucky there was not a oncoming bus. That is unacceptable, and Disney does need to address this issue.

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