New Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears coming to Walt Disney World this Spring

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Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears

This sweet new trend coming to Walt Disney World later this year takes an iconic snack and reimagines it in the form of a delicious accessory that could top off any Disney-inspired outfit.

Over the past few years, Disney fans have seen some of the most adorable Minnie Mouse Ears to grace the heads of guests to the Disney Parks, and this next iteration of the popular accessory just got a lot sweeter as it’s themed after lollipops!

Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears

The headband features two plastic ears designed to look like jumbo swirl lollipops with a satin purple headband and a glittery bow designed to look like a candied treat.

While the lollipop ears appear to be big and heavy, they are actually created out of lightweight plastic, making the headband’s overall feel to be quite airy — similar to that of a bag of cotton candy!

Close up of Mickey Mouse headband

No official word on the release date or price of the ears has been revealed. More than likely, the ears will be priced at $27.99, the price of most other Minnie Mouse Ears at the Disney Parks.

Another pair of ears coming to the parks sometime later this year are these it’s a small world-themed Minnie Mouse Ears.

Hand holding a Mickey headband

The ears feature coloring similar to that of the iconic attraction with white, baby blue, pink and yellow accents. The headband features a pink sequin finish with padded ears featuring the ride’s famous “Glockenspiel,” the wacky cuckoo clock with a smiling face, on the left ear and the “Hello” sign from the attraction on the other.

Close up of Mickey Mouse headband

If you flip the ears over, you can still see Glockenspiel on the reverse side, but you can also find the “Goodbye” sign from the attraction on the opposite ear.

Close up of a Mickey Mouse headband

Close up of a Mickey Mouse headband

To top off these adorable new ears, they feature a small bow with screen art of the different ride elements found around the different countries of the attraction.

Disney did not release details of when these new ears will become available at the Disney Parks, but our understanding is that it should be sometime in the next few months. Hopefully, when the ears finally make their debut they will also become available on shopDisney.

Are you going to buy a pair of these new Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears when they become available? Let us know in the comments below!

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