Let’s Get Supercharged With the Incredibles at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Incredible Celebration at Hollywood Studios

Rain finally realizes her super powers at The Incredible Celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Photo: Rain Blanken

Now that Woody and Buzz have moved to the backyard, there are some familiar masked faces taking up residence in Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios. Municiberg… (or is it Metroville?) is now hosting The Incredible Celebration.

I checked out the hopping city block on opening weekend, expecting to see a famous designer, an even more famous cookie, and a chance to dance with the big guy himself. Yes, I mean Frozone.

Witness The Edna Mode Experience

Edna Mode Experience Disney World
The Edna Mode Experience at The Incredible Celebration in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo: Rain Blanken

Last summer, Edna Mode made a huge splash at the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo in Magic Kingdom. Then in true artistic fashion, she receded from the public eye (likely working on some new top-secret designs). But now she’s reemerged, “dahhhling”, with a fabulous new exhibit of her super suit work.

The Edna Mode Experience is a character meet-and-greet with the snarky seamstress herself. This is a popular spot, but the authentic Incredibles suits on display in the line queue are enough to make you want to wait. Just try to keep the “Where’s My Super Suit?” demands to a minimum… she’s heard ‘em all. And no capes!

Grab Some Super Snacks at the Neighborhood Bakery

Cookie Num Nums
Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums and Frozone Slush at The Incredible Celebration. Photo: Rain Blanken

Those of us on the East Coast have been enviously watching our Disneyland brethren munch on Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums for months since the opening of Pixar Pier. Now you can finally experience this giant, warm cookie without the 5-hour flight.

Here are a few menu highlights:

  • Incredible Hero Sandwich and chips: $10.29
  • Mask Pretzel with Cheese: $6.59
  • Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums: $5.79
  • Frozone Slush: $5.49
  • Secret Identity: $5.49

I tried the Cookie Num Nums and it was… a giant warm cookie. A delicious giant warm cookie, sure, but nothing that blew my super socks off. I know I’m going to catch some blowback for that from my West Coast friends, so maybe I’ll have to eat another. Just to make sure.

As a snack sommelier, I knew to pair it with the Frozone Slush. With whipped cream and popping candy on top of a blue raspberry slush, it was creamy, on-theme and fun… but really it’s just a blue slush. I topped mine with a Mrs. Incredible silly straw for $4.00 and I’m not sorry about it.

Incredible Celebration Mask Pretzel
What do you call a superhero with a pretzel for a mask?

In need of a quick disguise? The mask pretzel that debuted at Magic Kingdom last year is back. It comes with cheese, but you don’t have to apply that to your face. Maybe your family won’t recognize you as you hog that slushie.

Wait… Where’s Jack-Jack?

Jack-Jack Hollywood Studios
Can you find where Jack-Jack has been? Photo: Rain Blanken

One of my favorite things to do at Hollywood Studios is take in the scenery, and now I know it was a clever plot devised by Disney to hone my skills for this very moment. Jack-Jack is missing, but he’s a baby, and they tend to be pretty sloppy with the clues.

Keep your eyes peeled for heat vision, cookie crumbs, and even some structural damage. Can you see where he’s been?

Cut a Rug at The Super Shindig

The Super Shindig Disney World
Mr. Incredible shimmies at The Super Shindig during The Incredible Celebration in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo: Rain Blanken

The big event happening in Municiberg during your visit is The Super Shindig street party, starring Mrs. and Mr. Incredible and Frozone. Let the kids run wild after a day of waiting in lines: They’ll be given inflatable balls and specific dance moves to try (if you’ve never seen Mr. Incredible lead a conga line, then you simply haven’t lived).

But this more than just a DJ spinning tunes… we’re celebrating supers becoming legal again in Municiberg, so there’s plenty of news to report. You may recognize some very familiar Citizens of Hollywood in their new roles as reporters and The Super Shindig emcee.

The roaming reporters have a cameraperson in tow, and they could approach you for a real interview on the big screen. During my stay in Municiberg, I witnessed a breaking report live from the Neighborhood Bakery: Someone had seen clues as to Jack-Jack’s whereabouts!

Bust Down That Photo Wall

Incredibles Wall Disney World
Strike a heroic post at the Incredible Celebration Wall in Municiberg at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo: Rain Blanken

Disney logic: If one photo wall is great for business, let’s have twelve. But I’m living for it, because the two new walls at Metroville promote interactive fun for your group.

Display your forcefield abilities, car-lifting strength and best super pose at the Incredible Celebration wall, or pose with photo props (think BANG and POW signs) at the Municiberg Plaza wall. Couples’ props here include the “He’s Incredible/She’s Incredible” arrows to hold. There is a Photopass photographer and a line that forms for photos at the Municiberg Plaza wall.

Browse the Municiberg Gifts

Incredible Celebration Gift Shop
The gift shop at The Incredible Celebration has all your super needs. Photo: Rain Blanken

Here you’ll find the standard Incredibles souvenirs, like t-shirts, pins and hats. There are also some great Incredibles toys on the low shelves for the kiddos to beg for (smart, Disney), and some stylish Edna Mode fashion that tempted me at wife eye-level.

My personal current fav at the booth is the “My Family is Incredible” shirt that features silhouettes of the whole family team, and the inexpensive yet perfect gift.. a bouncy Luxo ball.

But I Keep Calling it Metroville…

Just to satisfy your curiosity: Metroville and Municiberg are two different cities. In the first Incredibles movie, Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible protect Municiberg. They then move to Metroville, where Syndrome wreaks havoc. But if you show up to Municiberg and call it Metroville, as I did, the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums will taste just as sweet.

Also of note in the area: Mike and Sully are visiting from Monstropolis for a meet-and-greet in the Walt Disney Presents building. Monstropolis, Metroville, Municiberg… try to keep up.

The Incredible Celebration happens from 10:30 to 6:30 daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is scheduled to continue until September 30th, 2019. What’s after that? With Municiberg backing right up to construction for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we have a few ideas. Stay tuned!

Rain (@rainlovesdisney) is a Senior Editor at The Penny Hoarder by day, and a Disney fanatic by every other hour available. She is a former Disney Vacation Planner and current DVC Member. Rain can be found at Walt Disney World reheating a Cookie Num Num with heat vision or using super speed to make that next Fast Pass.

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