Comments for Bob Iger’s annual pay rises 80 percent to $65.6 million

Bob Iger



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    Real Reason for our Annual pass increase? Maybe?

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    I love Disney but seriously!? Share the wealth because I’d be willing to bet all the little people that make the company did not get these that percentage if any raise.

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    Love Disney but I struggle to be able to go once every 4-5 years & then see this!!! It’s such a disgrace!!!

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    It’s called greed!! Eisner was never about that, and cared about his employees. Bob doesn’t at all.

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    Barbara DeVita

    Obscene ! And the company begrudgingly finally gave cast members living in cars a raise.

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    This is just horrible. Ticket prices are increasing 2x a year at this point. Seriously? I think he has enough money. Stop doing this to people who just love the magic. You are making it harder and harder for us to do something nice and enjoyable for our families and for what? So you can 525 bucks a MINUTE?!

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    The only person that should ever get that annual salary is Walt himself.

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    Matt Brewster

    Iger should be ashamed of himself for accepting this insane raise! Nobody can EARN such an outrageous sum! You would think that the Board would realize, after the Eisner fiasco, that it’s the army of employees that toil daily who make a company successful- not the CEO, who is really just a figurehead.

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    Barbara DeVita

    Hate to say it but Disney is going to price themselves right out of the market if these rate hikes keep going . It’s harder and harder to visit the parks and resorts (which now charge guests to park). GREED !!!!!

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    Walt Disney did everything he could so that the average person could come and enjoy the magic he created. But the average American family cannot afford a vacation at Disney World. And a lot of those who do go, pay for it for several years. I think Walt would turn over in his grave to see the greed that has become synonymous with his last name.

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    I think it’s a shame. More than double pay. Prices are so thru the roof. A lot of magic is not the same. Employees dont make enough to have their own place. They have to have many roommates. You read that Florida hotel’s going after Disney. Disney employees stay there then leave and don’t play the bill.. you have adult 4 play parker hopper pass at 480 00 ridiculous. Yet I am paying that to see friends from Scotland coming over. How do I know about a lot of this you say. My son went to culinary school along with their friends. They were offered jobs there. Yet turned it down. Would of loved to wk there but could not afford the cost of living there. Besides he makes more money working for Walmart plus has his own house. You are squeezing people out of going to the parks. Because of the prices. Its only gonna be for the rich to go there. No one else. Shame on you. Not only that. You dont recycle hardly at all. The extra food instead of throwing out send to the food pantry. There is a report out that 67 percent of children go without eating maybe send the left overs to the local schools. No child should every go hungry. I think Walt would roll over in his grave. If he knew how a lot of things were mismanaged. Yes I’m sure I wont hear back on your busy schedules. Just think of all the people you can actually help in time of need.

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    This is outrageous that a President of a company makes 65 million a year. The people that work daily in all the resorts world wide will never have an 80 percent increase in their yearly salary. I realize he has a hard job but to make this much is ridiculous. This like every other company president who makes way too much and the little people who do the daily things are shorted.

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    Loretta, I agree the prices have become outrageous. I am a DVC member and still can not go every year. I know from where I work that the food may not be able to be shared with other companies because if there is something be carried in the food and someone gets sick or dies then Disney would held liable. I agree no child should go hungry.

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    What about the employees that actually do the dirty work and create Magic for the guest and deal with everything. Show them some love. Beyond not fair.

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    Horrible. Knock down ticket prices, and pay your employees more, make Disney a place to have fun and not have to worry about being broke after spending a day there. A company that makes millions or billions can afford to do more than just raise the the CEO’s wage. So stupid, make change

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    Hi. I love going to Disney World a lot. We were trying to go 2 times per year (especially now that I am retired – YEAH!). But, I have to agree with many of the comments left, the price of the tickets are almost becoming too expensive for “regular folks”. Now, we learn that the CEO gets a double in pay to an extreme level. I think Disney needs to become more price flexible: For example, restore the ability of non-Florida residents to buy 3 to 10 day passes with NO EXPIRATION (as they used to offer). Even better, let us buy any number of days of passes with no expiration. That allows people like us to “spread out” the cost of park entry fees. I’m also discouraged with what they are doing to Epcot – but that’s another story…
    Thanks all for your comments, and God Bless…

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