Comments for John Lasseter named head of Skydance Animation nine days after leaving Disney, faces public backlash


  1. Diane Enbom

    There are always two sides to every story and in most cases the media only promotes one side. Time will tell if John has truly reflected and made the changes necessary to become the best Leader he can be. John has always been a “huger” and there are some that are uncomfortable with that. I never heard any charges of rape, but unwanted touching. If John has not changed and problems arise I am sure that his boss will fire him. I for one believe he deserves the chance.

  2. It’s like these days, even flirting is seen as sexual harassment. How on Earth are people ever supposed to attract mates, marry, and have children to continue the human race when ultra-left feminists are insisting men don’t even so much as make eye contact with a female co-worker? And maybe it’s wrong to see a woman as a “sexual object” if that’s all a man can see her as, but the logical path to follow from that is that no one can ever have sex with anyone else ever again, since it’s wrong to see someone as a sex object. Seems like it’s gotten to this point anyway, and I myself am a woman sick of other women’s hang ups. And I myself have chosen the path of celibacy, not sex, but I fear all this PC elite nonsense and Me Too movement. But, in the end, each case of harassment or even assault needs to be considered on an individual basis. Not all women are liars, but not all women are saints totally above reproach, either.

  3. The court of public opinion has no validity whatsoever. What gives it the right to pass judgement and decide the punishment of a single human being? Nothing..

    None of us know the real details of this story, none of us know any of these people, nor do we know the details of arrangements made between any of folks involved. Yet people condemn and even seek to damn the guy for eternity. One shaming isn’t enough. It must be perpetual. Why?!

    Isn’t this the land of second chances? Isn’t this the land of innocent until proven guilty? This stinks to high heaven, all the way back to party line gossip in the 40’s and 50’s. This is where “correctness” and zero tolerance came from, and the phenomenon is corrupting important necessary commonsense movements like #metoo. Outrage to the extreme does it no good.

  4. Why didn’t you post my response? Noted.

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