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Marvel attractions



    No. It’s my opinion that Marvel has no place in Disneyland or California Adventures. I haven’t stepped foot in the latter since my favorite ride, Tower of Terror, was swapped out for Guardians of the Galaxy ..since that was the only thing that brought me to California Adventures, I don’t plan on ever visiting that park again. So thank you, I suppose, Disney, for corralling Marvel over there. If I had to lose something I truly loved, at least there was something in the enforced bargain for me.

  2. Tim

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as unexcited about an addition to a Disney park than now. Tower of Terror had a mysterious story, a mystique, a conceivable place in the lore of California and the many hotels in the state. Guardians of the Galaxy is a forced, shoe-horned attraction mandated because someone wanted to purchase an IP and how they have to make good on it. Marvel land continues that mindset. Let Universal Studios have the super heroes and the contrived stories of guests “helping” by riding a ride. I never understood that. I’m honestly more excited about the new parking structure and how it will hopefully help with the traffic gridlock around the park.

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