Disney Reveals New Details Of Marvel Attractions Coming To Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris

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Marvel attractions

Disney has just revealed new details of Marvel attractions coming to Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Resort, giving Guests the ability to take an active role alongside the famous Avengers superheroes unlike ever before.

After the forces of Hydra attacked Stark Expo in Hong Kong Disneyland, the Avengers realized the Earth needed more heroes. And to better defend the planet, the Avengers are setting up new Headquarters and technology sharing exchanges at both Disneyland Resort in California and Disneyland Paris to “empower and inspire recruits willing to step up and become heroes.”

Marvel Attraction

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Details revealed for Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

In these new attractions coming to California and Paris, Tony Stark retrofits two of his father’s Stark Industries sites into new hubs for training and innovation. Through partnerships with S.H.I.E.L.D., Pym Technologies, Masters of the Mystic Arts, and the new Worldwide Engineering Brigade, these new campuses will help the Avengers champion the next generation of heroes.

Scot Drake, Creative Executive, Marvel Global Portfolio, who is currently working on the project, stated that he and his team “are collaborating closely with our partners across Studios and Entertainment to create exciting experiences and attractions where you can join your favorite Super Heroes at Disney Parks and Resorts. Together, we are expanding this epic story universe in a way that, for the first time, will allow you to take on an active role alongside these Super Heroes.”

Marvel Attraction

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Disney’s Second Avengers Campus Opening Next Year

Some of these interconnected stories are already available. Specifically, the Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. And beginning in March 2019, Guests will join Ant-Man and Wasp in a fight against Arnim Zola and his army of evil Hydra Swarm-bots in the all-new interactive attraction Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle!

At Disney California Adventure, Guests have already been helping the Guardians escape the Collector’s Fortress in Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!. Soon, in both Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris, Guests will encounter the heroes in new ways, “from mystic arts of Doctor Strange to gravity-defying feats of Spider-Man.” In this experience, Guests will encounter the latest in Pym Technology with Ant-Man and Wasp. This experience also includes Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Captain America, and more, who will leap into action during the attraction at a moment’s notice.

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