Comments for UPDATED: Disney fans take to social media after animatronic is stolen from Epcot


  1. Folks are blaming Disney?! Wow. Talk about blame the victim. Maybe Buzzy shouldn’t have been wearing that short skirt, clearly he was asking for it… good grief. Theft is theft.

  2. Jes

    This is just f*cking hilarious, and shows just how far up their own asses Disney fans can get! ? Really now, y’all are so sure Buzzy was stolen? Who’d want that pos animatronic?? And if you claim it was a fan, then you’re really dumb, because there ain’t no way some shmuck could get very far from the Wonders of Life pavillon, let alone out of the park with an animatronic that size!! ? If was a cast member, y’all would be cheering him on, because “at least then, someone who loves Cranium Command would have Buzzy!” ? Y’all are so predictable! Disney probably decided to quietly remove the hunk of junk, and y’all immediately jumped to “OMGEE BUZZEH IZ STOLEN!!1!” ???

    Besides, if it was stolen, wouldn’t it be Disney’s own police department employed by the Reedy-Creek district that would be in charge of this case? ?

  3. Jeff

    Reedy Creek doesn’t have a police dept, only a fire dept, WDW uses Orange County police.

    But otherwise I agree who cares if this was stolen or not it hasn’t been used in like 20 years clearly they had no use for it.

  4. Richard

    He’ll turn up in Galaxy Edge re skinned as something!

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