Comments for UPDATED: CEO Bob Iger shares his thoughts on Disney’s changes to his compensation plan


  1. Michael lopez

    What do I think of Igor’s new contract. I think it ridiculous. He’s making millions while the front line workers are making less than minimum wage at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure theme parks. Now I fully understand that no one if forcing anyone to be there. However you have “Cast Members” bearing making ends meat, some are living in their cars. The attrician rare is mind blowing.

    My opinion is that Mr. Igor is only watching out for myself and not the people who are on the front line working at the amusement park.

    At least P.T. Barnum had a heart for his crew. After all it is a show.

  2. Bub

    How would they make less than minimum wage? Get your facts straight.

    Also, tip: Spell check!

  3. Jones

    How can Cast Members be making less than minimum wage? If you are talking about food servers, their pay is different because of tips. If you are talking about the “average” Cast Member who works at a food counter, ride access, etc., I sincerely doubt they are making less than minimum wage because it would not be legal.

    Where is your source to back up your statement?

  4. Have a Word with Yourself Michael

    So you watched a lousy, and very inaccurate movie, and now feel that P.T. Barnum was a saint.

    You clearly have absolutely no idea how much work goes into being a CEO. There’s far more to it than working a crappy Main Street U.S.A job. I can’t believe someone can be so clueless and boastful about it.

  5. Alfred Menna

    I think it is terrible especially since they are making it harder for people to be able to afford a Disney trip. How about putting some of igers compensation back into the company and stop nickel and diming the fans.

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