Comments for Walt Disney World Railroad closed (temporarily) to make way for Tron ride

Tron at Magic Kingdom


  1. leach

    Vey nice article

  2. Janette Hart

    Well that is really rotten because we are coming for Christmas and those are 2 of the rides we were looking forward to! And this will be the first time since my daughter was 8 and the Pirates of the Carribean was closed that day! She is 26 and I”m disappointed that she cant drive on the speedway since she does not have a license.

  3. Veronica DePasquale

    Sad why are they not giving date the train opens back up. Going to Disney in February was looking forward to riding the train now bummed.

  4. Diana Weishoff Fries Sporle

    I haven’t been there since 2009 and I am going March 2019, was looking forward to riding the train, that is really a bummer.

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