Comments for Up-close Look At Disney Skyliner Gondolas Coming To Walt Disney World, Will Not Feature Air Conditioning

Disney Skyliner Gondolas


  1. joefrat22

    I am quite frankly am in disbelief that there will be no a/c in these. It seems apparent that none of the people working on this project have ever ridden in a gondola. If they had they would realize the air flow from the plastic windows is not be sufficient. Any skier can tell you it’s common to sweat riding in the plastic bubble in 20 degree weather. I can’t imagine an 80 degree day – or worse.

  2. @disneym0mof3

    joefrat22 – Although I agree that the gondolas will likely be very hot and uncomfortable, Disney has NEVER even hinted at them being air conditioned, and in fact, they were even rumored to be UNairconditioned an entire year ago. Now that Disney has confirmed that they are not going to be air conditioned, no amount of our complaining is going to change the structure of each gondola car; what’s done is done. All Disney visitors will now have to make a decision about whether or not they will ride the gondolas. My personal opinion is that 99% of visitors, particularly to the resorts that these gondolas service, will try them at least once. I am more interested in the date when they open; no one seems bold enough to make a hard prediction about the opening date. ??‍♀️

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