Comments for “Star Wars” Boba Fett movie canceled

boba fett

Credit: Lucasfilm


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    This was the one everyone was looking forward to, hope time will change their minds.

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    I really don’t understand their logic here… The Last Jedi was a financial success, sure. People paid to see it, some were disappointed, and wanted Lucasfilm to know it by boycotting the next movie. The financial failure that was Solo was all because of The Last Jedi.
    The problem is not the quantity of Star Wars movies/series, it’s their quality.
    If Lucasfilm was doing good quality content, people will gladly watch it, especially if it’s something that people are asking for, just like this Boba Fett movie (just to remind you, noone asked for a Solo movie).

    I really don’t think that cancelling a movie that people were waiting for because of the failure of a movie nobody asked for is a good idea…

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