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pirates of the caribbean reboot

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  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    I loved and love pirates of the Caribbean. DO NOT remake the film. It would ruin it and also is really annoying when companies do this. Leave pirates of the Caribbean as it is and just make a movie of something totally different.

  2. Banner

    it takes to long to announced the last pirates of the caribbean 6 I remember Johnny Depp already signed it long time by now johnny depp turn down not to return that sucks with out him then there won’t pirates 6 to see what will happen when Davy Jones returns.

  3. Banner

    It’s gonna take to long to be announced I remember Johnny already sign the contract for pirates 6 and now he turn down not to return that sucks. Without him then there won’t be Pirates of the Caribbean 6 to see what happens when Davy Jones returns

  4. Riley

    The reason they are rebooting this is potentially a rated R pirates! Back when they came out with the first film they didn’t make any rated R movies. Now they own a bunch of film companies (E.g Marvel) that already make rated R movies (E.g “Deadpool”) they can finally make proper pirates!

  5. Price

    I 100% agree! We Do NOT want another Pirates of the Caribbean film let alone a reboot of the franchise! We’re sick of them!! Go Back to doing original films Disney!!! Or at the very least reboot some of your more weaker movies that performed poorly, Like The Black Cauldron or The Hunchback of Noter Dame. Heck why not consider making more Ride-based movies other than pirates, like Haunted Mansion or Space Mountain, we already know that theres a Jungle Cruise movie in the works.

  6. pirates of the Caribbean and Dead Pool both are good movies and story play. I always go with the POTC because, of lot’s of hard work and passion.

  7. As a fan of johny depp I would personally choose Pirates of the caribbean rather than going with the Dead Pool though it is also one of the finest movies out there of such categories.

  8. I see Pirates of the Caribbean is only one to give you such kind of entertainment and lot’s of action, emotion and all.

  9. Hard work always pay off. Due to Deadpool and POTC both actors are incredible and joyful.

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