What an incredible smell you’ve discovered – Limited edition “Star Wars” candle collections

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Star Wars candle collections

Ever wonder how bad the inside of a Tauntaun really smells? What aroma arises from Bantha milk? Or, perhaps just how rank the Rancor might have been? If you answered, “yes!” to any of these burning questions, Star Wars candle collections are here enlighten your senses.

Featuring fragrances from across the galaxy far, far away, all three original trilogy Force fueled stories are represented. “A New Hope,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Return of the Jedi” make an assault on unsuspecting olfactory organs with five “flavors” from each film.

Boutique candles are big business. Several companies conjure crafted creations evoking favorite theme park and pop culture memories. Scents suggesting spooks from haunted attractions, dole whip, pirate ships, and Potter places proliferate internet stores.

This November the force (and fragrance) is strong with three limited edition candle sets from familiar “Star Wars” settings.  Ranging in price from $36.99 (five flavors) to $127.99 (for the full 15 candle set with collector’s stand).

Each fantastic film from the original trilogy tests the senses with a quintet of questionable other-worldly odors.  Each essence explanation via Merchoid.

From “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:”

  • Wookie: Ever wondered what a walking carpet smells like?
  • Bantha Milk: Love the smell of bantha milk in the morning?
  • Trash Compactor: Find out what was very nearly the last smell Luke, Leia and Han ever experienced
  • X-wing Cockpit: Perfect for playthroughs of Battlefront’s aerial combat
  • Cantina: Eau de scum and villainy

“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” brings beloved bouquets:

  • Lightsaber Duel: Do you prefer the smell of the dark side or the light side?
  • Han Solo Carbonite: This smell is all Leia had to remember Han for a long time
  • Millenium Falcon: She may not look much, but she’s got it where it counts (the smell)
  • Inside of a Tauntaun: Thought it smelt bad on the outside? You’ve experienced nothing yet!
  • Yoda’s Cooking Pot: Yoda’s legendary Force powers are only eclipsed by his cooking skills. Smell it for yourself!

Additional aromas from “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” include:

  • Rancor: The only way to smell a Rancor without ending up its lunch
  • Sarlaac Pit: Add a new dimension to your favorite ROTJ scene
  • Jabba’ Palace: Admit it, you’ve always wondered what Jabba smells like
  • Ewok: Do they smell as cute as they look? Let’s find out!
  • Death Star Destroyed: The sweet smell of rebellion

Officially licensed “Star Wars” merchandise, these luxurious limited-edition luminaries land later this year (expected November delivery).  Each essence rests in clear square containers and is sold in sets of five ($36.99, or $52.99 – with engraved plinth). Full sets of fifteen fragrances are also available ($91.99 or $127.99 with display plinth).

Source and images: Merchoid

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