Journey to Halloween Town in new “Nightmare Before Christmas” walkthrough experience at Hong Kong Disneyland

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Journey to Halloween Town

A brand new enchanting interactive “Nightmare Before Christmas” experience has materialized for Hong Kong Disneyland’s Halloween Time celebration! Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie greet guests in the “Journey to Halloween Town” walkthrough experience.

Doors to Halloween Town, along with the rest of Halloween Time’s fiendishly fun fall festivities, opened mid-September. For the first time, guests can wander through the film’s Halloween Town as they encounter vivid scenes from the 1993 animated Disney holiday classic.

While Disneyland parks in Anaheim, Paris, and Tokyo might receive a spook-tacular seasonal visit from Jack Skellington and company as they transform the Haunted Mansion into a “Nightmare Before Christmas”-style Haunted Mansion Holiday, Hong Kong Disneyland recently revealed the ultimate “Nightmare” experience as part of their Halloween Time celebration.

Hong Kong’s version of Walt’s magical land lives without the classic Haunted Mansion attraction. Instead, Mystic Manor haunts guests at Mystic Point, so there’s no Haunted Mansion Holiday for Halloween. That didn’t stop Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie from greeting fans at the park by bringing the whole town to Adventureland!

Halloween Town has been boo-tifully recreated as an impressive, immersive walkthrough adventure. Life-size animatronic incarnations of some of Halloween Town’s familiar fiends make appearances. Animatronic characters of the Zombie Band, Vampires, Mayor, Lock, Shock, and Barrel join live characters of Sally, Jack, and Oogie Boogie as they interact with visitors in five scenes based on “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“Step Inside The Movie Scenes Of The Nightmare Before Christmas: Frightful antics will ensue this Halloween when Jack Skellington and his friends create their own brand of crazy mayhem! The Pavilion will be transformed with spooky magic, allowing Guests to visit Halloween Town, featuring iconic music and scenes from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Venture into Dr. Finklestein’s Lab, where Jack Skellington’s friend Sally desperately needs your help. You just might see Jack himself while exploring. Make sure you stay alert, as the evil Oogie Boogie will be out to get you and your friends in his lair!”- Hong Kong Disneyland

Spooky Spoilers Ahead

As they pass under the gates of Memento Mori Public Cemetery and its overgrown tombstones, guests queue up for Journey to Halloween Town. The spooky Halloween Town is magically recreated within the façade of a giant mausoleum. Within this stone structure, Halloween Town’s glowing fountain and central hub welcome everyone. The Zombie Band serenades new arrivals as the Mayor, in his official hearse, drives in to say hello.

Next, Dr. Finklestein’s Laboratory hosts Sally (face character) as she prepares her special treat. With seconds to spare, and with the help of her new visitors, she adds the final ingredients just as Finklestein wheels in. Guests are rushed out, heading to the town hall meeting to see Jack.

Vampire brothers make a brief appearance on the way to Town Hall, where Jack Skellington (face character) is giving his speech. With visual aids and a few eight-legged friends helping, the talk is brief but entertaining.

Exiting the town hall, fans find themselves face to face with Lock, Shock and Barrel and their guest prisoner. Walk a few steps further, and Oogie Boogie is tormenting another prisoner in his dice-filled, card-lined dungeon. Jack arrives to save the day and the adventure is shortly settled.

One final surprise stands at the attraction’s exit: the film’s iconic cemetery gates, curled hill, and full moon form a fun photo op.

Journey to Halloween Town brilliantly blends animatronics, ambiance, and actors for a delightfully dark, haunted house-like experience inspired by Tim Burton’s beloved Halloween/Christmas musical. Lab coat clad guides lead groups through stunning sets filled with eerie eye candy and whimsical wonder. While Sally’s interactive role is performed in English the rest of the cast’s lines, with the exception of a few instructions from the guide, are in Chinese.

Welcoming fans through October 31, Journey to Halloween Town’s to-die-for “Nightmare Before Christmas” experience appears to start later in the day (noon to park close per the Hong Kong Disneyland website).

Source and images: Hong Kong Disneyland

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