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  1. I took the Walk in Walt’s Shoes tour at Disneyland, it’s an OK tour, you get to see the apartment where his family stayed, and you see the magic buttons in each of the rooms. But you only get to tour the parts of the park that existed when Walt was alive.

    If you are in WDW and you have a day to kill, I recommend the “Backstage Magic” tour it’s not cheap, but going into the Utilidor underneath the Magic Kingdom is worth the price of admission alone. The tour runs about 5 to 6 hours. Plus you get a great lunch at the Whispering Canyon Cafe, and it’s really more than your tour can eat, trust me.

    The best kept secret that I stumbled upon on that tour is… It’s starts at 9am in the front of Epcot. But if you go to back side of Epcot at 8:30am (near the Boardwalk) then go to the back entrance of Epcot, and if you are on the list for the tour (which you will be) they let you walk through the park BEFORE it opens! I’ve done it twice, it’s amazing!

    Here is a video we took of a completely tourist free Epcot! Normally you have to get married there to do this.

  2. George Munana

    great article !!

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