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Thomas Kinkade Giveaway


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    Beauty and the beast!

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    karen Zeoli

    my verry favorite is probably the Lady and the Tramp

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    Georgann McConnell

    Mickey and Minnie in Ireland!

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    The Peter Pan one

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    Cinderella’s castle

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    Susan Browne

    Mickey and Mickey Ireland

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    Definitely Ireland!?????????

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    Terri Reid

    Beauty and the Beast — of course!!

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    Peggy Johnson

    I love them all but Mickey and Minnie in Paris reminds me of our anniversary trip last year

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    Kim Watson

    Cinderella is my favorite!!

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    Misty rose

    Love The Aristocats painting.

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    Candice Roberts

    I love everything Mickey, so all of them would look amazing on my wall

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    Mick & Min in paris . It’s the
    romance silly ! ?

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    cindrella is my fave

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    The campfire one 🙂

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    Joanna Ovalle

    Mickey and Minnie in Ireland

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    Nicole Watson

    Beauty and the Beast

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    Nicole Watson

    Awesome. Love Beauty and the Beast

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    Danielle Fernandez

    Sweetheart campfire

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    Carla Frost

    The Peter Pan and Lion King prints are my original favorites. Of those in the contest, I like the Parisian scene.

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    Mickey and Minnie in Movie Theater!

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    Disney World Main Street USA!

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    Heather S

    I love the campfire and Paris paintings! They are so beautiful. I would love to give one to my mom for her 65th birthday! She has survived cancer, stroke and seizures 2 yrs ago and shes still going strong! She loves Kinkade’s work. We are a big Disney family!

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    Kathy Moss

    I love my Cinderella with the Prince ❣️❣️❣️

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    I have been wishing for Alice in Wonderland forever

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    Elizabeth Howard

    I like Mickey and Minnie at the campfire!

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    I like beauty and the beast

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    I love all of them but Sleeping Beauty Dancing in the Enchanted Light is my favorite simply because it is so beautiful.

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    Mickey and Minnie campfire is my favorite!

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    Main Street USA during Wishes!

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    Jen S.

    I really love the Ireland one!

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    laurie emerson

    My favorite is the Beauty and the Beast one.

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    The Sleeping Beauty one is my favorite. So magical.

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    Jennifer Cervantes

    My favorite is the little mermaid!

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    Christina Anderson

    My favorite Disney art! Love all of them! ❤

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    Kevin Trower

    Mickey and Minnie by the campfire.

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    Love all the Mickey and Minnie! Love the Paris one esp.

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    I like all three, but the Ireland one is my favorite.

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    Patty DeRanzo

    ?Sweetheart Campfire since we camp a lot.?

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    Love the campfire! We love Thomas Kinkade Disney pics. We have the calendar and seasonal door sign!

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    Campfire mickey and Minnie is my absolute favorite. So adorable! We have all the kinkade Disney puzzles ?

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    Kristin Bowler

    Really LOVE the Paris one! But I like all 3 of these. I have the Beauty and the Beast one. I love that one, too. They’re all beautiful!

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    Ava Koziorowski

    I really like Mickey and Minnie in Ireland, but at the same time, I love them all!

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    Sherri Bailey

    Hard to pick just one but I am a big nature fan so I would have to choose the campfire one!

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    Nova Finn

    Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Campfire

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    Cathi Ryan

    Mickey and Minnie in Paris

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    Mickey and Minnie in Paris !

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    Sheryl Miller

    any one would be fine with me <3

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