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Thomas Kinkade Giveaway

UPDATE 9/10/18:

Thank you to everyone who entered our Thomas Kinkade giveaway.  The response was outstanding and we loved finding out about your favorite Kinkade paintings.  I am happy to announce our winners:  Kerri-Anne M., and Laurie L..  Please be on the lookout for an email with the instructions to claim your prize.

For those of you who didn’t win please visit Thomas Kinkade Studios as a way to thank them for supporting this giveaway.  They have many wonderful paintings so you might even want to get an early start to that Christmas shopping.  They are also coming out with new painting regularly so check back with them or watch Inside the Magic’s coverage as we love sharing Thomas Kinkade updates when new paintings are released.

Also for those of you who didn’t win our next giveaway has already been announced.  Win a Walt Disney World vacation!!!

Thank you again for taking part in our giveaway. Congratulations to our 3 winners, and best of luck to everyone who enters the Walt Disney World trip giveaway.


Thanks to the generous support of Thomas Kinkade Studios 3 lucky Inside the Magic readers will win a set of Mickey and Minnie 14″ x 14″ Gallery Wrapped Canvases, each set valued at $267.  Now through Sunday, September 9th you can enter to win one of these sets using the entry form below.  Each of our 3 winners will be notified by email – enter with an email address that you actually check.

The partnership between Thomas Kinkade Studios and Disney dates back to 2005 when Thomas Kinkade completed his 50th Anniversary of Disneyland painting.  Since that first Disney painting, the relationship between Thomas Kinkade and Disney has continued to grow.

Thomas Kinkade

Learn more about the Thomas Kinkade Studios and Disney connection in our interview with Thomas Kinkade Legacy Artist Dirk Wunderlich earlier this year when we caught up with him at The Art of Disney store in Disney Springs.

Prize Package

For this giveaway, each of our 3 winners will receive a 3 piece set of art from Thomas Kinkade Studios.  Each Gallery Wrapped Canvas is 14″ x 14″ and retails for $89.

The first painting is  Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Campfire 14″ x 14″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Campfire

This is the sixth of six paintings in the Sweetheart Series.  The prior 5 paintings, in order, are Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cove, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Bridge, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Holiday, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cafe, and Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Central Park.

Next, each of our winners will receive the Mickey and Minnie in Ireland 14″ x 14″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mickey and Minnie in Ireland

This painting is part of the Passport to Adventure series.  Perhaps a trip to Ireland is not possible, but with this painting, you can bring The Emerald Isle into your living room complete with Minnie’s four-leaf clover and the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.

Finally, each winner will also receive the Mickey and Minnie in Paris 14″ x 14″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Mickey and Minnie in Paris

Another painting in the Passport to Adventure series shows Mickey and Minnie exploring Paris.  Everyone knows one of Mickey’s homes is Disneyland Paris, but like any good Parisian his mornings are spent at the cafe and picking up baguettes.

More Thomas Kinkade Art

Each of these prize pieces were just released along with a suite of other new Thomas Kinkade Studios’ wall art.  Let us know your favorite Kinkade which includes Snow White Dancing in the Sunlight, Pocahontas, Little Mermaid Falling in Love, 90 Years of Mickey101 Dalmatians and more!

We have been teasing you recently with some of Thomas Kinkade Studios recently released art including 90 Years of Mickey

Our friends at Thomas Kinkade Studios are celebrating 90 Years of Mickey with a new Limited Edition Art release.

Posted by Inside the Magic on Friday, August 24, 2018

Its been about a month ago since we also shared Sleeping Beauty Dancing in the Enchanted Light which became one of our most loved Instagram posts this year.

Based on the tremendous response to our posts I suspect this giveaway will be popular.

Prize Entry

You can enter for the prize below.  We are making bonus entries available to help increase your chance of winning.  You can choose to complete some or all of these tasks which include: Share your Lucky URL with friends; Like or Follow us on Social Media; Accumulating daily bonuses; and more.  Have fun and see how many points you can rack up.

Good Luck!  I hope you are one of our 3 loyal readers that wins our Thomas Kinkade Studios giveaway.


Let us know in the comments which Kinkade is your favorite.


  1. Jamie

    Beauty and the beast!

  2. karen Zeoli

    my verry favorite is probably the Lady and the Tramp

  3. Georgann McConnell

    Mickey and Minnie in Ireland!

  4. Mitchell

    The Peter Pan one

  5. Kathy

    Cinderella’s castle

  6. Susan Browne

    Mickey and Mickey Ireland

  7. Megann

    Definitely Ireland!🍀🍀🍀🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮

  8. Terri Reid

    Beauty and the Beast — of course!!

  9. Peggy Johnson

    I love them all but Mickey and Minnie in Paris reminds me of our anniversary trip last year

  10. Kim Watson

    Cinderella is my favorite!!

  11. Misty rose

    Love The Aristocats painting.

  12. Candice Roberts

    I love everything Mickey, so all of them would look amazing on my wall

  13. Mick & Min in paris . It’s the
    romance silly ! 😀

  14. cindrella is my fave

  15. Hope

    The campfire one 🙂

  16. Joanna Ovalle

    Mickey and Minnie in Ireland

  17. Nicole Watson

    Beauty and the Beast

  18. Nicole Watson

    Awesome. Love Beauty and the Beast

  19. Danielle Fernandez

    Sweetheart campfire

  20. Carla Frost

    The Peter Pan and Lion King prints are my original favorites. Of those in the contest, I like the Parisian scene.

  21. ncjeepster

    Mickey and Minnie in Movie Theater!

  22. Kimberly

    Disney World Main Street USA!

  23. Heather S

    I love the campfire and Paris paintings! They are so beautiful. I would love to give one to my mom for her 65th birthday! She has survived cancer, stroke and seizures 2 yrs ago and shes still going strong! She loves Kinkade’s work. We are a big Disney family!

  24. Kathy Moss

    I love my Cinderella with the Prince ❣️❣️❣️

  25. Krissi

    I have been wishing for Alice in Wonderland forever

  26. Elizabeth Howard

    I like Mickey and Minnie at the campfire!


    I like beauty and the beast

  28. willitara

    I love all of them but Sleeping Beauty Dancing in the Enchanted Light is my favorite simply because it is so beautiful.

  29. Natalie

    Mickey and Minnie campfire is my favorite!

  30. Claire

    Main Street USA during Wishes!

  31. Jen S.

    I really love the Ireland one!

  32. laurie emerson

    My favorite is the Beauty and the Beast one.

  33. AlexF

    The Sleeping Beauty one is my favorite. So magical.

  34. Jennifer Cervantes

    My favorite is the little mermaid!

  35. Christina Anderson

    My favorite Disney art! Love all of them! ❤

  36. Kevin Trower

    Mickey and Minnie by the campfire.

  37. Stephanie

    Love all the Mickey and Minnie! Love the Paris one esp.

  38. I like all three, but the Ireland one is my favorite.

  39. Patty DeRanzo

    💗Sweetheart Campfire since we camp a lot.💕

  40. Vanessa

    Love the campfire! We love Thomas Kinkade Disney pics. We have the calendar and seasonal door sign!

  41. Jess

    Campfire mickey and Minnie is my absolute favorite. So adorable! We have all the kinkade Disney puzzles 😍

  42. Kristin Bowler

    Really LOVE the Paris one! But I like all 3 of these. I have the Beauty and the Beast one. I love that one, too. They’re all beautiful!

  43. Ava Koziorowski

    I really like Mickey and Minnie in Ireland, but at the same time, I love them all!

  44. Sherri Bailey

    Hard to pick just one but I am a big nature fan so I would have to choose the campfire one!

  45. Nova Finn

    Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Campfire

  46. Cathi Ryan

    Mickey and Minnie in Paris

  47. Terry

    Mickey and Minnie in Paris !

  48. Sheryl Miller

    any one would be fine with me <3

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