VIDEO: New “Star Wars Resistance” preview – Dave Filoni introduces Team Fireball

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As announced back in April, an exciting new animated series coming to Disney Channel will bring fans back to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. “Star Wars Resistance” will be set before the events of “Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” and will depict the early days of the battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

A new video has been released in which “Star Wars Resistance” creator Dave Filoni (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” “Star Wars Rebels”) introduces fans to the heroes of this new animated series, known as Team Fireball.


The heroic Team Fireball consists of four new characters, including:

Kaz (voiced by Christopher Sean)

Kaz is the hero of the new series. He is a talented pilot who is given the assignment of spying on the First Order by Poe Dameron.

Yeager (Scott Lawrence)

Yeager is a former pilot for the Rebellion, now working as a mechanic. He serves as the father figure to Team Fireball.

Tam (Suzie McGrath)

Another mechanic, Tam is a former racer who lost her ship. She is a tough, passionate character who wants to have a purpose in life.

Neeku (Josh Brener)

The oddball of the group, Neeku is a naive genius with a huge heart. He will serve as an uplifting, positive influence for the team.

The official description for the first episode of “Star Wars Resistance” is as follows:

In the one-hour premiere “The Recruit,” Poe and BB-8 assign Kaz to the Colossus, where he meets a cast of colorful new aliens, droids and creatures. While undercover to spy on the growing threat of the First Order, Kaz works as a mechanic and lives with Poe’s old friend Yeager — a veteran pilot who operates a starship repair shop run by his crew: Tam, Neeku and a battered old astromech called Bucket.

“Star Wars Resistance” premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10:00 PM on Disney Channel.

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