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  1. The easiest thing to do instead of aiming at the rival car’s target is simply to turn around and shoot your own. It still scores the same number of points, and is much easier to actually hit.

  2. Sara

    Couple of years ago I rode this ride 47 times to reach 999,999. The ride workers gave my brother and I tips on how to win, many of which you covered but there’s two I can think of that you forgot.

    Right before the entrance to the street with the ambush is a few shop fronts. There is one door on the ground level with blinds that open & shut, and some alien behind the door that’s opening & closing the blinds. I think medium sized & blue. He’s easy to hit if you’re on the right side, and a good option once you can’t hit the aliens on the 2nd floor with the opening & closing drapes. Decent points.

    One really big point target you missed are the green eyes on the right wall just before the end of the ride. Right after you shoot the tops of the cars in an underpass type tunnel, you exit out to the street again, where you can still shoot the tops of the cars behind you to get points. BUT a major point getter instead of trying to shoot the car tops is shooting these sets of green eyes on the right wall after the underpass. There are also parking meters with eyes in them that score big points. And those points are multiplier bonused too, so shooting them in a row gets you more. I might be mistaken, but I think the multiplier is true for all targets in the course. But I definitely remember that those eyes should be your focus at the end of the run. Good luck!!

  3. Ally

    Can you show a where Frank the pug is? Like on a picture or something like that, because every primer I go on in I can really never spot where it is. So can you show me a picture or something where it’s at?

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