Comments for UPDATE: Comcast tops Disney’s offer for Fox assets with roughly $65 billion cash, Disney raises offer to $71.3 billion


  1. frostysnowman

    I agree with you, this merger no matter who is involved is a very bad idea. Monopolies are very bad for the consumer.

  2. joeismadandexpensive

    I disagree with the comments above, Disney was trying to expand their movie offerings for a streaming service to compete with Netflix. I think it’s a great merger, that provides consumers more options than just under the Disney brands. As far as Comcast, they’re a huge company… If we’re talking monopolies they continue to buy off other properties at a much faster pace than Disney. I even think Universal Theme parks are overrated in comparison to Disney and they lack the top notch character and immersions to the brands. All the attractions at Universal are either 3D or are projected screens. I miss the days where attractions at Universal were more immersive with big set pieces and pyro and water effects. Besides the facts, Disney is a business that has shareholders and has to continue to grow and being a money making machine. I think if Walt was alive he’d agree with all these changes. A successful company has to continue to evolve, if they stay stuck in the past they have no room for improvement and growth. Let’s be logic here, every business owner’s dream is that they’re company grows.

  3. Jeannell Williams

    None of your comment makes any sense. 1) none of their products are actually low quality. Like none. They are making money hand over fist and their products are very high quality still to this day. 2) walt almost bankrupted the company twice if it wasn’t for his brother. Believe me walt would have to just deal with this. On top of that Disney owns touchstone they have been making adult style films for years under that banner. Doing M&A is fine because walt himself did them. Peter Pan Winnie the Pooh. Last I checked those are owned by someone else and walt had to buy the rights. This is normal. Also what you fail to see is that Disney can one day be bought because they refuse to change with the times. That’s how this stuff works. That’s what Iger sees. And so do I. A lot of ppl do. Companies now are gaining cash like crazy and can very easily but out Disney because folks refuse to see the writing on the wall. Universal still wants Disney. I won’t be too shocked if that’s the real reason why they want fox. Universal owns Comcast. I won’t be shocked if this affects Disney in a negative way if they get fox. It’s better if Disney gets it. Believe me.

  4. joeismadandexpensive

    Disney till this very day makes high quality content. I mean look at the top movies of the year! They’re all part of the Disney brand as a whole. Also, Disney owns other subsidiary studios like Touchstone and Dimension Studios. They also own ESPN. Disney diversifying it’s offerings doesn’t mean they’re acquiring low quality entertainment. 21st Century Fox, owns properties like Avatar, Titanic, Deadpool, X-men, and etc. Besides Disney didn’t always own the rights to Mary Poppins. Walt had to fight for it in order to even make Mary Poppins into a movie. Iger has to continue to evolve the company. Walt had nearly driven the Disney company bankrupt multiple times. I think Disney still does a great job acknowledging the past and the quality of the work. However, times have changed, Disney just wants to be a step ahead of the competitors.

  5. joeismadandexpensive

    Films like Frozen, Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Wreck it Ralph, Moana, are all quality pieces of work. SO much that they all won Oscars and during Iger era! Yes, I agree that Michael Eisner made some risk decisions and most of them paid off. But I will give you a few examples of failures during the Eisner era: The original concept of California Adventure, Disney’s America theme park, EuroDisney, these decisions almost bankrupted the Disney company at the hands of Eisner. He was so absurd, he even wanted a hotel in the shape of the entire body of Mickey Mouse to be built with the lobby and rooms at Mickey’s feet, all respectable Imagineers said that is an impossible task. Also, a few of the films mentioned were released during the Eisner era like Home on the Range, Atlantis, and Chicken Little. I haven’t seen many failures under Iger, I can list more successes than failures. As far as greedy, what’s to say that Eisner wasn’t any different. Corporations pay there CEO’s filthy amounts of money that neither of us can ever see in our lifetime unless we win the lotto. Eisner is also responsible for putting more emphasis on merchandising of Disney IP. Also, Roy E Disney stepped down from being vice chairman and chairman of the Animation Studios because of Eisner. He felt there was too much micromanagement and too many flops between ABC studios and the fact that the company was turning into a “rapacious, soulless” company. At the time Eisner was refusing to step down. Eisner wasn’t fired, he stepped down and remained a member of the board of directors briefly. It was Eisner himself that suggested that if it wasn’t for Iger he would’ve stayed until he was due to step down a year later. I think you have your Disney facts a bit skewed.

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