VIDEO: Daisy Duck’s NEW design studio meet and greet at Donald’s Dino-Bash! shows Daisy’s creative side

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Donald’s Dino-Bash! premieres a new fashionable meet and greet for Daisy Duck at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Daisy Duck has always been a stylish Disney character and today her creative side took center stage with the premiere of her new meet and greet, Daisy’s Designs. The new meet and greet is where guests can meet Daisy in her design studio, where she makes all the outfits for all her friends in DinoLand U.S.A

Below you can see Daisy’s design board, where she plans all of the outfits she creates.


This new meet and greet is part of Donald’s Dino-Bash!, a new celebration where Donald Duck takes over Dinoland U.S.A. with all of his friends. The reason for the celebration is because of Donald’s excitement of the discovery that ducks are descendants of dinosaurs!

Make sure to see Daisy and all her friends at their new meet and greets today!

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