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  1. TimP

    Saudi is at war with Yemen, it’s neighbor. The current Saudi government and Royal family is at war with itself and especially it’s former Prince who was a Disneyland Paris investor. It’s a crisis that doesn’t need to be close to Disney.

  2. Kurt Schmidt

    Sorry you disagree with this headline. An interesting but definitely even more speculative part of the full source interview is about 30 minutes later Bob Iger also talks about building a park in India. Yet only with Saudi Arabia not India has he actually meet with and had significant discussions about a park. I believe they are looking around the world for location(s) for their next park. Bob Iger or most any other CEO for that matter doesn’t want to announce news before it is official, but when you have the CEO talking to the leadership of a country that is in the process of bringing in a 6 Flags and just held a WWE event it doesn’t seem that far fetched that Saudi Arabia holds real potential.

  3. Henson Penrien

    Bob Iger is being bribed by the Muslims. He forced the change of the Princess Jasmine costume to a more “pious” modest so as to no offend the islamic groups.

  4. Rob H

    “The Greatest Disney Resort”

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