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  1. K C

    Do you have the link to the press release? I am not able to find any info on it other than your report.

  2. Jayray

    Did Disney also say that they are only offering a 2% raise for those long term cast members and people that hire in now will be making the same as cast members who hired in 15 years ago. They like to sound like there doing such a great thing but they are only doing this because of all the bad publicity they have gotten for there cast members that cannot afford to eat, pay rent, pay for medical, pay for medication and cast members who are homeless. Let me tell you they are not doing this out of the kindness of their heart. They also don’t want to see the living wage initiative on the ballot this November for the City of Anaheim to pass. If they paid every cast member a minimum of $20.00 and hour this would only eat 2% out of their profits.

  3. Cin

    Hey Disney what happens after 2020 and what happens to the people who have been there for over 15 years still barely making 12.35 an hour. They should be happy that the people barely coming in will be at the same rate. How can a billion dollar company who prides itself on it’s parks not want to make sure that those who run the parks are taken care of. Poor Walt is turning in his grave. Have your CEOs survive on a 15 hour wage for just a month and then decide if your making an impact. 9 billion dollar profit went to whom? And you can’t afford to pay above pay rates because?

  4. Micelle Horner

    My family and I just visited Disneyland last weekend and I can tell you that the low wages for cast members has drastically reduced the quality of the Disney experience. All of the knowledgeable staff have apparently left because the only staff available to help with questions were either teenagers or in their 80s. No one knew anything and were pretty incompetent. But that’s what you get when you won’t pay smart people properly. How can Disney justify the outrageous annual passport rates when they are saving so much money underpaying their staff??

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