Comments for Most Missed Magic: 9 now gone adventures from Future World at EPCOT Center


  1. Harley

    I don’t know if your just listing so I apologize in advanced but in no way shape would body wars be #1! It’s horizons 110%! Ask anyone esp. me whom still comments when deaths or accidents happen still daily on mission space this would have never happen on horizons! My kid even wants to work wdi to bring back horizons and the rest (I think kit Kab and orginal figment would be higher as well) It’s sad in a way kids of today won’t know these classics but if your like me and we show our kids videos and keep these dreams alive… maybe one day if one or all will work wdi or upper management and their eyes to we the real fans are still out here and we aren’t going anywhere! One could only dream but wasn’t that uncle Walt’s vision for Epcot in the first place.
    P.s. I like to add tomorrow’s child returning to sse which never happened

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