VIDEO: Final “Ready Player One” trailer invites us to “a world of pure imagination”

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Steven Spielberg’s latest film “Ready Player One” is almost here and the final trailer is jam-packed with action and references to other material to squeeze every last drop of excitement out of us.

The new trailer, which was released today, is set to the memorable song “Pure Imagination” from the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” This of course is symbolic as this film will bring back to life some of our favorite parts of some of our favorite movies.


One of the more exciting shots in this trailer features a familiar creature in the T-Rex from Spielberg’s iconic film, “Jurassic Park.”

Another shot that has drawn some buzz is the quick look we got at the Spartans from the popular video game franchise “Halo.”

You can see the T-Rex, the Spartans and so much more when “Ready Player One” comes to theaters March 29.

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