PHOTOS: “Solo: A Star Wars Story” gets minifigure makeover in new LEGO promotional posters

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Much like Chewbacca’s life debt to Han Solo, LEGO‘s relationship with Star Wars has stood the test of time. And as we approach the release of Lucafilm’s latest stand-alone spinoff movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” we know we’ll be getting plenty more high-quality Star Wars LEGO content, as always.

Over the weekend in celebration of the American International Toy Fair in New York City, LEGO released a series of poster images promoting its “Solo: A Star Wars Story” tie-in products. This poster art parodies the style and layout of the officially-released one-sheets revealed for the movie just a couple weeks ago. Check them out:

The individual characters represented (in LEGO minifigure form, of course) are Han Solo (played by Alden Ehrenreich in the upcoming movie), Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Qi’Ra (Emilia Clarke), and everyone’s favorite: Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” will be blasting its way into theaters on Friday, May 25th. A number of LEGO building sets inspired by the movie will be available to purchase in April.

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