Comments for Universal Parks & Resorts issues $1,000 bonus to Team Members as part of Comcast NBCUniversal family

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    Eugene Givens

    The same company that is anti-Trump is no reaping the benefits of the Trump Presidency. The NBC organization is a bunch of hypocrites.

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    Ginger Pauley

    As a 23 year employee I have not received word that I’ll be getting this bonus. Guess I’ll believe it when I see it at the end of Jan….. until then, I’m not holding my breath.

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    Cool cool cool. Do their team members still only make $10 an hour though?

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      We make $12 in Hollywood, purely because it’s minimum wage.

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    Unhappy employee

    Yeah sure but do the employees that have started working there since October busting their ass and fighting to get hours because they claim they have no full time or part time spots available get anything? Hell NO!!! And it pisses me off!

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    rob roy

    as a 5 year employee that recently got demoted to seasonal(as in no 1k paycheck) due to my venue closing in october(terminator 3d) ….thanks! universal and how you treat seasonals

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      You’re in entertainment. Acting gigs aren’t guaranteed forever. Get over it.

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    It could be worse, Disney offered a 10 cent raise and $200 bonus to FULL TIME cast only. Nothing for the part time castmembers who work full time hours. ? Thank goodness we voted no ?

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    Why doesn’t seasonal employees at universal get
    A $1000 bonus?

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    Upset employee

    Apparetly part time employees dont qualify!

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      Nelly A

      PT employees also got the bonus. My daughter is a PT employee and she got the bonus direct deposited on the 27th.
      Thanks Universal Studios

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    Full-time employees don’t qualify either unless you hit a ridiculous hourly threshold that is impossible to reach with the way the company schedules us. But thanks for spreading some excellent PR for the liars at Universal Studios!

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