Comments for Lost Theme Parks: New Jersey’s Jungle Habitat

Jungle Habitat


  1. Garaan

    There was a Lion Country Safari in Irvine, not that far from Disneyland if my memory serves. I went there with some frequency as a child. In retrospect this seems like such a strange thing to put in the middle of SoCal but I guess at the time the area was still mostly undeveloped. Unsure if it’s related to the other one mentioned in the article, but likely given the name.

  2. Gwen Skora

    If you’re going to snag our pics, at least give a photo credit (And content credit)

  3. Michael Gavin

    Hi Gwen. If you look at the bottom of the story, West Milford Jungle Habitat is already credited.

  4. Sorry Michael – didn’t see it the first time. I apologize.

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