Comments for Bats Day in the Fun Park Announced to End in 2018 After 20 Years of Spooky Days at Disneyland

Bats Day in the Fun Park


  1. Garaan

    Yep, just one more of many great things murdered by $45 and his cronies.

  2. Melloe

    There are many reasons I’m not a fan of the new tax reform, but we need to be informed of what is actually in it. I saw another post similar to this from a friend and someone else posted this link. It’s a good, informative read. Someone needs to get it o the organizers: https://www.snopes.com/tax-bill-small-business-deductions/

  3. John

    Looks like to me that there were other factors impacting this event and this is just a California lefty lashing out for no reason and spreading #fakenews. This event being cancelled has nothing to do with politics. Playing the #trump card is getting about as old as people playing the #race card.

  4. Nick

    There are some whopping misstatements about small businesses tax deductions in this article. Ask your local tax professional, or maybe just read a newspaper.

  5. Jeff

    I’d guess the vast majority of bats day attendees couldn’t care less about the “organized events”.
    They just want to go to the Park dressed appropriately & see others doing so as well.
    The “organizers” aren’t really needed. This so-called “ending” seems kind of political & useless.
    The event will continue on without the whiners who started it.

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