Comments for Ballast Point brewery announced for Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, plus other updates for 2018


  1. Cyrx

    What is going through Disneys mind…. A brewery now.. Very family friendly. Bistros, arty farty food. What’s wrong with a burger place for a bite, why do we have to be treated to an influx of expensive lettuce leafs on a plate. Proper food please Disney…..

  2. Byron

    Quick reminder that Ballast Point’s parent company, Constellation Brands, is actively fighting (with violent police thugs) the city of Mexicali over the privatization of the city’s already diminishing water supply. Northern Mexico and the Southwestern US have been experiencing the longest drought in recent history and Constellation Brands is only making things worse in their greedy pursuit of profit.

    The people of Mexicali deserve better than this and I implore everyone to boycott Constellation Brands’ subsidiaries, Modelo, Corona, Pacifico, and in this specific case, Ballast Point.

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