At-Home Imagineering: 16 Seasonal Scenes Inspired by the Magic of Disney

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Buzz Lightyear ornament

Move over Mr. Griswold. There’s Christmas decorating and then there’s DISNEY INSPIRED Christmas decorating!  With all the properties that now call the house of Mouse home, making a Mickey Mouse Merry Christmas is easier than ever.

From Star Wars to Frozen; Pirates of the Caribbean to Toy Story, these 16 seasonal examples of at-home holiday, Disney-inspired, Imagineering are sure to add some magic to your holiday spirit.

holiday decorations with snow white, dumbo, seven dwarfs and a Christmas tree lite up

Disney delights decorate these December discoveries. From outdoor displays to character Christmas trees, the pixie dust flows freely.

1. A (mostly) Disney Christmas Tree

Filled with festive Disney ornaments (mostly) this Christmas tree takes a piece of the Park’s home for the holidays.

2. Time Lapsed Disney Decorating

Time lapsed tinsel time tasks yield a Yule time Tanenbaum filled with Disney characters.

3. The Ultimate Disney Christmas Tree

Mickey Mouse and the gang join a host of holiday versions of various Disney characters to make this the “Ultimate Disney Christmas Tree.”

4. Outdoor Disney Spectacular Yard Decorations

The outdoor December decor of this home has some real character. How many different Disney and other classic Christmas references can you find?

5 & 6. Toy Story

Andy’s room is the theme for this creative Christmas tree.

Sinister seasonal stylings show Sid’s room can also be decorated for the holidays.

7. A Haunted Holiday Yard Haunt

The Haunted Mansion (Disneyland California) enjoys a holiday visit by Jack Skellington at the end of every year. Haunted holidays aren’t limited to the theme park though.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Deco

No nightmare here, just an amazing adaptation of the seasonal stop motion movie that expands way beyond just the tree for this display.


9 & 10. Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack and company catch the Christmas spirit in these synchronized light show set to music from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.



11 – 15. Star Wars

The Empire has moved past petty planet pulverizing space stations. Watch several Stormtroopers assemble a holiday icon under the direction of Darth Vader.

Once the tree was selected and the house was properly prepared, a proper Star Wars tree trimming could commence.

That’s no moon! It’s a tree topper to show that this Christmas contains a collection of Force friendly festively fixed decorations.

Clever creations confirm Christmas is here, complete with lights, sounds, and ornaments inspired by the Star Wars phenomenon.

Don’t let the snow fool you, this isn’t Hoth.  However, the outdoor decor does have a familiar force-like feel to it.

16. Frozen

Finally, we’ll “Let Go” with this cool Christmas creation, featuring “Frozen” inspired dancing lights to the tune of the ‘toon’s popular anthem.

A Mickey Mouse Merry Christmas is easy to accomplish, as these 16 seasonal examples of exciting at-home holiday Imagineering prove.  And now, there are even more pop culture possibilities provided by the present Disney bought for itself with the purchase of a good portion of 21st Century Fox. (To be continued… next Christmas!)


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