Evil Dead, Trick r Treat, Twilight Zone and a host of horror ornaments help make Christmas more like Halloween

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More and more it seems that Christmas is encroaching on the other fall and winter holidays.  There’s an increasing amount of the December 25th swag in stores earlier and earlier (long before Halloween).  I say its about time Halloween had equal time and turnabout is fair play!

Jack Skellington and company opened the door for Halloween and Christmas to mingle in 1993.  Dark holiday traditions like Krampus are growing in popularity and creepy cool Christmas decor continues to emerge.  Two companies in specific are carrying the banner of boo high this year: HorrorNaments and MOB. Both of these fiendishly fun shops offer spooky seasonal selections for those who prefer add a bit of wall to wall creeps to their haunted mansion.

Christmas fear from HorrorNaments

First up in this festive fear fest: the jolly jarring jingle hell of  HorrorNaments.  Listed as a Halloween decor store, HorrorNaments  offers serious spook in their resin cast creations.  From creepy clowns to wicked weapons, a tree tricked out with anyone of them is sure to please Krampus when he visits your home.

HorrorNaments teamed up with terror titans from across the genre to add more fear to their gear.  Kane Hoddor (Jason from the “Friday the 13th” franchise), Linnea Quigley (“Return of the Living Dead”), Michael Berryman (“The Hills Have Eyes”), Bill Moseley (“Devil’s Rejects”) and others have crafted their own nightmares.

HorrorNaments can be found lurking online ready to take your horror-day decor order.  Prices range from $7.95 to $14.95, making these tree trimming terrors the perfect stocking stuffer (just push the remaining toes aside) or haunted home decoration.

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