Evil Dead, Trick r Treat, Twilight Zone and a host of horror ornaments help make Christmas more like Halloween

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Glass goodies from Middle of Beyond

The spooky shiney ghoulish glass ornaments from Middle of Beyond (M.O.B) are dark December delight!  With classic horror pieces like a shrunken head (KUNGALOOSH!), zombie snowman, spirit board planchette and others, there’s enough to add bit of holiday cheer to any cold heart.

Making this cryptmas collection to die for, is the inclusion of theme park related ornaments that would fit right in at Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror:

Or at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights:

There’s even a Bill and Ted ornament (too soon?):

In addition to their eerie evergreen embellishments, M.O.B. also offers a haunted host of ugly sweaters (horror themed, of course), pillows, blankets, scarves and shirts. Celebrate the holiday cheer fear by surfing over to their website.  Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99.


Maybe not quite enough festive fiendish fun to make up for the Christmas explosion that seems to happen the retail realm (often BEFORE Halloween), these festive fear finds are sure to soothe the savage beast craving more creepy in their Christmas.

Source and Images: HorrorNaments and Middle of Beyond



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