Comments for Why “Coco” audiences are rejecting “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”


  1. TimP

    The kids who grew up watching Frozen won’t be back to see Frozen 2. They are already sick of it. Demographics is the biggest reason and should be #1 instead of #3. Not to mention the age demographics, there’s also the gender demographics. Frozen appeals to girls. Coco is more boy oriented. If they had a Cars or animated Marvel or Star Wars short, it’ll be more appropriate.

  2. Kenneth Cox

    For me, it was the fact that it made Coco up till about the halfway mark feel like it dragged on too long. Well, now I know why if we watched 20 additional minutes (not including previews).

  3. Shelby

    How is it racist exactly??
    And the entire movie is about Anna caring about her sister instead of some guy she just met, she only met up with him so she could go find her sister and in the end it’s her sister that saves her. I think you’re stretching to try to find more reasons to hate it, but I do too. It’s been shoved in our faces for waaaaaay too long.

  4. Mike Bee

    Talk about going on too long…

  5. John

    LOLOLOL… “racist”

    Snowflakes hate Frozen. Go figure.

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