9 Haunted Nightmares You Can Experience Any Time Of Year

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Halloween has come and gone. Most seasonal spooky boo thrills and chills ended with October. So what to do now that this bounty of boo has been banished until next Halloween?

Not to worry, ITM has rounded up a ghostly graveyard full of year-round haunted attractions to feed your fear frenzy.

1. Baron 1898

Baron 1898 is an ghoulishly great dive coaster. One of two haunt themed attractions at Efteling park in the Netherlands, this creepy cool coaster manages a macabre marriage of steampunk and spirits for an exciting, perilous paranormal adventure.

2. Boo Blasters

This Cedar Fair make-over of former Hannah-Barbara Scooby-Doo rides (Cedar Fair bought Paramount parks, requiring the transformation) is a Men-in-Black style, 3D shoot and score dark ride with a haunted house theme.

3. Curse of DarKastle

Williamsburg Virginia’s Colonial themed Busch Gardens harbors a haunted castle known as DarKastle.  Blending winter wonders with a visit to a cursed castle, this Spider-Man style thrill ride challenges visitors to escape before it’s too late!

4. Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Not the oldest dark attraction around, but one of the most recognized and admired.  Disney’s 1969 haunted house blends spooky and silly for one of the most infamous and prolific paranormal properties around (versions of the attraction dot the globe in five different Disney theme parks).

in Disney, Entertainment, Walt Disney World

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