VIDEO – FOX Horror Rewind immersive event brings four frightful modern classics to life in Downtown Los Angeles

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As announced last week, 20th Century FOX has partnered with the creative team behind one of L.A.’s most popular immersive theater experiences “Delusion” to launch FOX Horror Rewind, a Halloween event unlike any other in Downtown Los Angeles.

I visited FOX Horror Rewind at its clandestine dark-alley location last night and walked away having enjoyed an abbreviated Delusion-style happening themed to four of FOX’s iconic horror movie classics, all culled from the past forty years or so: Brian DePalma’s Stephen King adaptation “Carrie,” Danny Boyle’s high-octane zombie flick “28 Days Later,” Wes Craven’s original “The Hills Have Eyes,” and David Cronenberg’s acclaimed remake of “The Fly.”


“Delusion” devotees will find the same brand of impressive production design, talented performers, and surprising stunts that makes creator John Braver’s usual show (which is taking the 2017 Halloween off, but it set to return next year) so very memorable. Considering FOX Horror Rewind is free to attend, the comparably short running time of just over ten minutes is understandable, but I would have loved for it to go on longer.

Blu-ray copies of all the 20th Century FOX horror films from the Horror Rewind collection were for sale outside the venue, and the first fifty people to buy copies of each movie received a high-quality mini-poster of the amazing new cover artwork by Orlando Arocena.

FOX Horror Rewind runs through this weekend only and tickets are long sold out, but fans can acquire standby passes by visiting the experience’s official Eventbrite page.


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