Comments for Fallen Attractions Flashback – Episode 2: ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter at Walt Disney World


  1. Garaan

    Man, this thing. They /ruined/ this attraction when they made it Stitch. It was really good, and honestly I thought it was extra great that they had something that wasn’t 100% ‘for the kiddies’ for once. I mean, I wouldn’t call it Halloween Horror Nights but for what it was, it had at least -some- teeth and the alien characters were great. I still have a hat from the attraction that I have been carefully treasuring for years, and I’m still thankful I got to see it in its original, unsullied incarnation.

  2. Harley

    We are moving and I finally found after being Mia for 12 yrs my skippy stuffed toy when my son was little he discovered my alien action figure and still wishes like horizons to see these attractions! I wish the rumors were true about it coming back but maybe it was just us fans which there are more of then wdw knows or those crazy wdi people that thought stitch was smart! Thanks for this trip in time! Long live aec and xs!

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