Comments for Themed Eats: Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York City


  1. Michael

    Oh man!! I remember the Chicago location. I was a club member and took my friends there ask the freaking time. Club members got priority seating so we never had to wait. I loved that place.

  2. Keyla Rojas

    The people running the Jekyll and Hyde Haunted Asylum in New York City are very professional and have no common courtesy when it comes to dealing with customers. I purchased 5 tickets to attend on Saturday, October 16th at 7 pm and was unable to make it due to people in my group not feeling well and we decided to skip it for obvious reasons. The website clearly states that they will reschedule for another operating night. I have called several times and have been unable to leave voice messages. I have sent emails through my Yahoo account, through their FB and Instagram Pages and I submitted a from on the Jekyll and Hyde website and have not received a response of any kind from anyone. I think this is very concerning, rude and unprofessional. Someone should be in charge of replying to customers questions and concerns. You guys wasted no time in deducting the total amount of the tickets from my bank account but now seem to hide face when it comes to resolving an easy enough issue. I absolutely need someone to contact me back as soon as possible.
    If anybody else is thinking about purchasing tickets from them or even visiting, PLEASE DONT. Seems like they are running a scam.

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