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  1. Harley

    I would love to see it be hhn house full time like it was always in the plans to be this be the second time that fell through ….. Transformers sits on the other site! I think this would have been nice w him next to it the store could have stayed the same etc. I overheard rumors about dragons replacing transformers w their latest buyout of DreamWorks… But they already had a dragons area show they could transfer and that’s more popular than pets! To many parents pets wasn’t children friendly as much as it’s marketed as!

  2. S

    I’m guessing it will either be a “Dark Universe” or “How to Train Your Dragon” themed attraction.

    Dark Universe is something Universal is banking heavily on…which hasn’t worked out so far with the new Mummy, but there’s more coming. And with multiple film installments in the franchise, they could take a cue from Disney and alter the 3D film every few years to incorporate elements of new films like Bride of Frankenstein, Creature From The Black Lagoon, etc, around their releases.

    How to Train Your Dragon has a much wider audience because young kids can go to, and the flying sequences are certainly action packed which fit the description and could be cool in 3D. The third film also has a 2019 release date.

    Doubt its Bourne though. Those films arent reliant on the types of CGI effects that they use to make a 3D attraction like pop. Assuming it stays a 3D film attraction, that it.

  3. Mario B.

    When predicting a new attraction for a location, we must remember that it has to somewhat fit the area of the park that it’s in. If any of these mentioned franchises do make it to this area, It may most likely be Jason Bourne because it is in the real world and they would not have to change much of the interior and exterior, but to retheme it to a CIA office building.

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