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  1. alicia

    My husband and I have had this exact conversation after our last visit to universal a few years back. Compared to Harry Potter, the rest of the park feels dated and boring.
    We think they should turn it into a world of Warcraft or dungeons and dragons section. The Poisedon walk through already feels like a dungeon crawl or raid instance, so all they have to do is and an interactive element where quests get assigned a character class like warlock or warrior and you fight your way to the boss which is the large room at the end.
    This would make the walk through ride repeatable because a vistor would want to play all the classes. IRL VIDEO GAME!

  2. Anonymous

    Personally, there’s one of the suggestions I dislike is the Game of Thrones attraction ideas because I do learn the fact it is one of the most controversial TV shows ever due to a lot of highly inappropriate moments throughout, like South Park (through I know that GOT is not a comedy and not a cartoon). And I highly doubt/don’t think that the show will have its fit for the family-friendly theme park in the future, will it?

  3. David C

    There is already a touch of Steampunk in universal studios (the chocolate emporium) more of that would be quite nice

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