Comments for Walt Disney Presents preview center with models of Star Wars, Toy Story Lands announced for Walt Disney World, replacing One Man’s Dream


  1. Noah

    When was One Mans Dream announced to be closing/changing? As a Disney history lover, I’m sad to see it go, especially having just discovered this now, and not through them announcing it at the D23 expo or anything.

    1. Noah

      With little research, I seem to have answered my own question. And it’s good to here that some of the history is indeed going to stay, making this new attraction both a nod to the past as well as a look to the future.

  2. Harley

    But a good question is if it’s going to be a preview center ala what Walt would have done you wouldn’t just have the one park bc that’s where you are! While I enjoy one man’s dream it is alittle daugtening for kids until you get to the wdw/park stuff! Still upset they took out Epcot from omd so hopefully w the new space they could bring it back.

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