Comments for “Frozen” Broadway Musical Poster Revealed Along with 7 Rejected Ideas


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  3. Tracy

    I hope this time when a disney musical comes to england it IS NOT IN LONDON!!! It would make it so much easier for many people in Enlgand to get to a central location, our roads arn’t like in america totally straight, I know the people in scotland compained a lot on the aladdin musical site becuase they couldn’t afford to travel that far in transport costs etc. We have many beautiful theatres in England not in horrendous busy city’s like London, why does they all have to be in london? London is way to expensive in basics foods even, it’s cost 3-4 times more to live there tha it does inthe north. Not easy for many to get to car car. I remember when i bought an ice looly from a newsagents, it was £1.05 in london and they only vost 65p up here, that’s the price difference as wages are higher down south, whcih makes travelling form north to south unaffordable for many. Please Disney if you bring this Frozen musical to the uk, please set it up ina theatre somewhere central in Enlgand, aking it a lot easier for many and less expensive.

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