Comments for Disney May Turn Hollywood Studios into a Choose Your Own Adventure Park

Disney Hollywood Studio Sign


  1. Why another name change??? I still call it ‘MGM’ must of the time!

  2. Garaan

    Since they removed the animation studio and the backlot tour, it honestly doesn’t seem like they want to or care about pursuing the conceit that it’s a ‘studio’ at all anymore, so the name change probably makes sense.

    What I sort of don’t get is how this ‘interactivity’ is going to work when you’re talking about thousands and thousands of guests a day. Is it going to rely somehow on the magicbands? If so, what about the inevitable choke points where guests will need to scan them? And how do cast members have any way to know what a guest has ‘logged’ to their band if so?

    I have a suspicion that this is not going to be as interactive as they’re suggesting and the hype-deflation is going to result in at least some amount of backlash.

  3. Sparky

    Disney Hollywood Adventures.

    You’re welcome.

  4. Nicole

    How about ” Hollywood Magic “?
    Your still walking into Hollywood when u enter the park. Those other names don’t make sense what so ever. I come up with better ideas then Disney is doing with these names and etc….

  5. Nina

    Disneys fantasia land

  6. Jon

    Just keep it the name. The park will possibly change back what it was. These 2 new lands could make it or break it.So with all that i say Hollywoodland

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